Minority Hispanic Grants

Opportunities exist for minority groups to secure grants.  While many grant opportunities provide generic minority eligibility requirements, others are for specific minority populations.  Minority Hispanic grants are programs established to provide financial assistance for a variety of purposes for Hispanic individuals and businesses.

Foundations are a great resource for Hispanic grants.  They can offer specific grant opportunities targeted to meet the needs of Hispanic communities.  Community foundations may offer grants and scholarships for Hispanic students to attend college or other training opportunities.  Scholarships may stipulate the student return to the community to work for a minimum number of years after graduating.  This is a way to keep qualified individuals in the community.

Grant programs may focus on economic or workforce development activities.  These are intended to help Hispanic individuals develop skills that support the local economy.  Grants for this purpose are typical when a major shift in the economy occurs such as the closing of manufacturing businesses.  Employees who lose their jobs may need to be retrained to obtain new employment.

Nonprofit Hispanic organizations have missions that target Hispanic communities and the needs specific to those communities.  These organizations are also eligible for minority Hispanic grants.  Grants can be used for a myriad of purposes that support the activities of the nonprofit.  This includes providing emergency services, job placement, education, or youth activities to the community.

Most Hispanic communities require special assistance simply because of language differences.  Staff at nonprofit organizations should be bi-lingual to provide the best services to clients and community members.  Nonprofit organizations that do not have bi-lingual staff but serve Hispanic clients may be required to provide an interpreter when working with the clients.  This is definitely the case if the nonprofit receives federal funds.  Additionally, promotional literature must be made available in Spanish as well as English.  Nonprofits can get grants to cover translation costs that allow them to be more effective in serving Hispanic communities.

Hispanic business owners are eligible for grants from government entities.  These grants focus on business development and expansion activities.  Federal grant programs may have funds aside for minority-owned businesses.  You can learn about federal grant opportunities by visiting the specific federal agency you are interested in receiving grants from.  Hispanic business owners should also consider the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) programs for development grants.  These grants are available from every federal agency and department.  Award amounts vary but can be as high at $1 million for a multi-year grant award.