Women Grants

Grants for women are available for a variety of purposes and from a myriad of sources.  Grants can be used to help women obtain an education or for women to become first-time homeowners.  A woman can get a grant to help with her medical expenses or for a photography exhibit. Continue reading

Women Government Grants

Women are eligible for a variety of government grants.  These grants are available at all levels of government.  The purpose of government grants for women varies depending upon the specific grant program.  Finding government grants that women are eligible for can be challenging. Continue reading

Training Grants

Workforce needs change on a regular basis.  This requires ongoing training and retraining of employees.  To help defray the cost of training, businesses and organizations rely on training grants.  In addition, grants are available for individuals to obtain training and develop new skills. Continue reading

Housing Low Income Grants

Grants are available for individuals and organizations that provide housing and supports to low-income individuals.  Low income housing grants are typically funded through the federal government’s Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).  Grants are awarded primarily to nonprofit housing organizations and quasi-governmental organizations that provide housing services.  These include public housing agencies and other residential programs. Continue reading