Personal Grants

Foundations and nonprofit organizations that offer personal grants provide detailed guidelines on eligibility requirements and allowable use of grant funds.  Grants for personal assistance address a variety of needs.  Some personal grants are designated for educational purposes.  Others provide financial support to cover medical expenses. Continue reading

Non-Profit Grants

Non-profit organizations rely on grants and donations to survive.  While some offer fee-for-service programs, the vast majority rely on foundation and government support for program continuation.  Many seek grants for general operating support. Continue reading

Faith Based Grants

Churches and other faith based organizations often require financial support beyond what their congregations provide.  This is particularly true if they provide services to the communities they serve.  Multiple sources of grant funds exist for faith based organizations. Continue reading

Community Grants

Communities need financial assistance for projects ranging from park development to senior citizen activities.  Grants are available for cities and towns who want to expand programs.  Organizations that partner to address a specific community issue are also eligible for community grants.  There are several types of grants that communities can use to meet strategic goals. Continue reading