Women Government Grants

Women are eligible for a variety of government grants.  These grants are available at all levels of government.  The purpose of government grants for women varies depending upon the specific grant program.  Finding government grants that women are eligible for can be challenging. Continue reading

State Government Grants

States provide a myriad of grants.  Nearly every state department has a grant program.  Grants are available for nonprofit and for-profit entities. Even individuals are eligible applicants for some state grants. Continue reading

Pell Grants

One of the most useful federal grant programs for higher education is the Pell grant program.  Students apply for Pell grants because they do not have to pay back the grant award.  These grants can help pay a substantial portion of college tuition. Continue reading

Minority Government Grants

Grants are available for minority individuals and minority-owned businesses through a myriad of government grant programs.  Grants are available at the federal, state, and local levels.  Awards are made for education, business expansion, and research activities among other purposes. Continue reading

Government Grants

Government grants can be used for a variety of activities and projects.  All business types, including nonprofit and faith-based organizations, as well as individuals are eligible for some type of government grant.  The first step in applying for government grants is to find grant opportunities. Continue reading

Government Funding

Grant funding can be used for a variety of purposes including program and service delivery, research, and training.  Government grant funding is intended to either serve a large number of people or develop processes that can be scaled up to impact a large geographic area.  Funding is offered from all levels of government and available to individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. Continue reading