Women Grants

Grants for women are available for a variety of purposes and from a myriad of sources.  Grants can be used to help women obtain an education or for women to become first-time homeowners.  A woman can get a grant to help with her medical expenses or for a photography exhibit. Continue reading

Personal Grants

Foundations and nonprofit organizations that offer personal grants provide detailed guidelines on eligibility requirements and allowable use of grant funds.  Grants for personal assistance address a variety of needs.  Some personal grants are designated for educational purposes.  Others provide financial support to cover medical expenses. Continue reading

Foundation Grants

Foundations are involved in grant awards in two ways.  They award grants to eligible individuals and organizations.  They can also receive grants from other foundations and government grant programs. Continue reading

Foundation Government Grants

Foundations and governments routinely work together to serve communities.  Governments provide the infrastructure and basic services to residents while foundations help fund programs and services that address additional needs in the community.  The partnership is particularly effective because they can share resources by providing grants to one another to support specific projects and outcomes. Continue reading